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Frequently Asked Questions

No person shall use an Alarm System without first obtaining an Alarm Permit for such Alarm System from the City.  

Please complete the online registration form 

You may also contact the San Ramon Police Department - Alarm Program:

Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm PST

(925) 718-1090

The alarm ordinance is posted online on this website - ORDINANCE 511

  • Encourages the proper maintenance of alarm systems
  • Reduces the number of false alarms
  • Deploys Police Department resources in a more effective manner
  • Decreases the potential danger created by false alarms for responding officers—and anyone the officers find at your premises

No fee is required for the initial Alarm Permit.

The Alarm User shall renew their Alarm Permit annually on January 1st of each Permit Year with no fee. 

Number of False AlarmsAction TakenFines
1Written Warning$0
2Written Notice$50
3Written Notice$150
4 and aboveWritten Notice$300

Written Notice of Appeal.  

*Submit a written request/statement as to why you feel the charge and/or occurrence should be waived or removed from your account, along with any supporting documentation (police reports, alarm company documentation, etc.)

*Submit via email using the Contact Us page.

*Be sure to include Permit License #, alarm location address, and incident date(s) in question.

*Submit within fifteen (15) calendar days of the notice imposing the charge. 

Assessments of civil penalties and other enforcement decisions made under this chapter and issued by administrative citation may be appealed by filing a written notice of appeal with the Police within thirty (30) days from the date of the administrative citation.  

The written notice of appeal should state the basis for the appeal and include copies of any relevant evidence to support the appeal.  

The failure to give written notice of appeal within the time period stated above in subsection A.1.a. shall constitute a waiver of the right to contest the assessment of civil penalties or other enforcement decisions.  

Hearing on Appeal.  

Appeals shall be heard through the administrative citation hearing process established in Sections A1-41 through A1-47 of this Code, except that the Chief of Police or designee shall act as the hearing officer.  

Appeal Standard.  

The hearing officer shall review an appeal of the assessment of civil penalties or other enforcement decisions identified in the administrative citation using a preponderance of the evidence standard.  

Notwithstanding a determination that the preponderance of the evidence supports the assessment of civil penalties or other enforcement decision identified in the administrative citation, the hearing officer shall have the discretion to dismiss or reduce civil penalties or reverse any other enforcement decision where warranted.  

Judicial Review of the Hearing Decision.

The hearing officer’s decision shall be final, but may be subject to judicial review as specified in Section A1-50 of this Code. 

No, you will never be charged for an alarm activation that is not false.

A false alarm is defined in the ordinance as the activation of an alarm system when, upon observation by law enforcement, there is no evidence of unauthorized entry, robbery, or other such crime attempted in or on the premises. 

Yes, you can pay for any fees due on your account via this website by clicking on the home tab and logging in with credentials initiated by CitySupport and secured by the alarm user.

City of San Ramon - Alarm Program

PO Box 6112

Concord, CA 94524

If the premises at which an Alarm System is maintained transfers possession, the person taking possession of the property shall file a registration form for an Alarm Permit within thirty (30) days of taking possession of the property.  

Alarm Permits are not transferable and are distinctly held by an identified Alarm User. 

Please contact us via email or call us at (925) 718-1090, Monday through Friday from 9am - 5pm PST and let us know the date alarm service was cancelled and with which alarm company.